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Mars in Aquarius is granting you more courage to go after what your instinct wants with a bit less concern about what other people think and feel about it. I realize this doesn’t sound like you Libra, but you will find there is great freedom in choosing something because you really want it versus taking into account whether or not someone else thinks it’s a good idea or not. You are sure to be feeling an inner lift these days even in the midst of a challenge, for you are trusting in a feeling versus what sits on the surface. This is when you dig in, this is when you grow, and this is when you know. To know something without question is empowering, especially for a sign who has been known to teeter. Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune are teaming up to ground you in a direction that allows you to climb to new loving and living heights. Trust it, and follow the feeling all the way home! If even if you are feeling caught in between something that feels emotionally polarizing early on with Mars in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo, Jupiter in your sign has found his sweet spot. Mercury in fellow water sign Cancer forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, to help you navigate some family tension and come out on top and into the clear. It may feel too as if you have some angelic help in the wings as some needed open exchanges with others feeds a healing flow in those deep and vulnerable water ways. Mercury will oppose your ruler Pluto as we move into the weekend which could trigger more talks that poke at some of those tender spots but know that these dialogues are necessary for the growth of your relationship and to find out if you want the same thing.

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